We offer a one-stop-shop principle for the assets of onshore and offshore wind turbine owners. Meaning, that we can organize all the material inspections, assessments, and processing of materials within our team. Depending on the job, this could include the involvement of supporting parties for re-use and repair of components. Depending on the request of the client we prefer to start 2-3 years before decommissioning with the end-of-life inspection, assessment, and decommissioning requirements. This time is needed to organize optimal material streams to processors.

However wind turbines or components can get damaged during construction or maintenance. Then we can accept the materials and process them in the most circular way. This excludes most of the inspections. However, we still will carry out the permit procedure, and if needed the transport.

Basically, all underneath tiles can be executed separately. Naturally, we prefer to do multiple to have as much impact in the circular processing as possible.

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